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What a great time. Over the past 25 years I have been fortunate enough to hunt in several places with a number of exceptional guides. I never really had Africa on my bucket list; but for some reason I found myself in South Africa at DM Safaris. I hunted side by side with Diekie Muller for 7 days.
A lot of guys that run an outfit as professional as DM Safaris seem to be a bit preoccupied when trying to guide and run the operation, Not Diekie, he was totally focused on my hunt and creating opportunities.
“We completed the hunt of a lifetime, Diekie, his Guides, and staff are Amazing”

I will return someday to hunt again with my new friends I consider family.

Thank You So Much.

Rodney Scott
Ohio 2019

What a great time! Not only was the hunting great, but the hospitality was exceptional. On the first day, Diekie, Jaco & Natasha (and Mia), Dawie, and Warner welcomed us like family and we instantly had new friends. The food, hospitality, and comradely, was excellent! My PH, Jaco, could track unbelievably, stalk like a lion, and set me up for the best possible shot without thinking twice. I would recommend Diekie Muller Safari hunting to anyone. It was the best hunting trip I have ever had and have memories that will last a lifetime, I hope to get back there again someday.

Thank you for the great hunt,

John Wasiniak 2019

This was my first ever African Safari and my mission was to experience a “CLASSIC AFRICA SAFARI” hunt with a professional hunter, distinguished from all others as the “Best of the Best” – Diekie Muller Hunting Safaris. The seamless logistical planning process provided opportunity to focus on priorities such as strategy with my fiancé about our forthcoming adventure. Upon meeting Diekie and his family, we experienced their hospitality and they gained our utmost admiration. The best quality photography and video enhanced and captured the most prestigious once in a lifetime experience.
We felt heart filling admiration and tenderness for the hard-working beloved tracking dogs, respect for the professional trackers and guides and the patience and precision of the quality mounting of our trophies. We look forward to another trip in 2020.

Jason Hoogerhuis and Stacy Martinez 2018
Las Vegas, New Mexico

I think that I can speak for Jonathan and my wife by saying that we all had a fantastic adventure at DM safaris.
From the courteous pickup at J/Burg to the experiences in the field Diekies staff performed flawlessly. The accommodations, the fabulous meals and the professional staff were the Best!

Thank you

Dennis Braid 2018

My wife Audrey and I would like to thank you, Jaco and the entire DM Safari’s staff for an incredible experience. Going on an African safari was a dream of mine that was fulfilled beyond my expectation, especially because I was able to share it with my wife. From the moment I called you to start planning our adventure, to the good-byes at the airport, your service was outstanding. I was fortunate to hunt and harvest nine Gold medal+ animals during my safari, of which the Cape Buffalo hunt was most memorable. I am glad you video recorded the entire hunt, as words cannot describe the experience.

I was reminded of our time together last year while looking at your latest brochure. I have great memories of our time in the field spotting, stalking and celebrating the magnificent African animals I harvested. The Cape Buffalo hunt is the most vivid, and I get very emotional every time I watch us standing shoulder to shoulder in the final moments when the Buffalo charged us. The adrenaline filled finally seconds still make the hair on my neck stand. I admire your courage (and Jaco) for standing your ground and protecting me, as that enraged beast charged us. My wife, family and I will be eternally grateful for your actions to stop and put down the Buffalo.

I would be remiss not to thank Doug Watt for all of his help in booking and planning my safari. His representation of the DM Safari experience was 100% accurate, and his years of experience traveling to, and hunting in South Africa were very helpful.

Ed Jarrin 2016

I had always dreamed of going on safari in Africa, and finally had my opportunity in 2016. What I experienced with Diekie exceeded my dreams. Diekie’s operation is first rate, with a most accommodating team, great housing, exciting hunting, and wonderful food thanks to Natasha’s great cooking. The company around the campfire and dinner table was most enjoyable and engaging throughout my stay. Every day was a new adventure. Having Jaco, an excellent and very knowledgeable PH, as my guide made my time there not just a hunt but a lesson in all of the South African wildlife and nature. Of course I was there for the animals and the hunting was fantastic. The quarry proved to be a worthy challenge thus making me very proud of the 4 great trophies I collected. Thank you to you and all your crew Diekie for giving me an wonderful adventure and thrilling memories that will last a lifetime!

Tom Schamber 2016

Amazing hunt with a very professional and family oriented team. My wife is not a hunter, but wanted to experience Africa. Diekie took care of everything from transportation to hotel to meals and guided tours for her to spend time at Kruger National Park and on to Cape Town where I met her before our return to the states. All arrangements were perfect and first rate. My hunt was the fulfillment of a bucket list adventure. Never did I dream that things would be so extraordinary on every level. I may have to revise my bucket list to include another trip back to hunt with Diekie.

Rich Oliver 2015

WOW! 3 weeks back form my hunt & I STILL can’t get over what a GREAT time my wife & I had! From the 1st moments meeting Cobus at the airport until final drop off – NEVER a bad time or problem! I was amazed at the skill of Cobus in the field – his knowledge of woodcraft & game is amazing. Dieke always treated us like family. I especially liked the reverence all had at meals when we prayed together. The ethics practiced by all the staff were a testimony to the integrity of your outfit. My wife, who didn’t hunt, but stalked & came along for the whole hunt had a blast as well. It was the BEST trip I have ever had in my life! THANK YOU Diekie and all the family & staff!

Erine Shipman 2015
New Hampshire

I do not travel the world in my spare time, nor do i own my own business. This trip took me years of saving to make possible. I had more concerns going into this than i can list. What i can say is this was the best trip i have ever been on. Dieke, his family, and staff treated me like royalty from my pickup at the airport all the way to being brought to the ticket counter for my flight home. The accomaditions were more than i could have imagined. The home cooked meals surprised me every night. Bowhunting is tough, and the weather didn’t help us on this trip. We hunted all day every day. I was rewarded with the opportunity to take 4 amazing animals in 6 days. In all, i couldn’t ask for any more. The country was rugged, the animals were wild, and the people i met, as well as animals harvested will be something i remember for the rest of my life. I feel honored to have spent a week with the Muller family, and very much hope to have the chance again in the future.

Rob Brown 2014

I’m a lucky guy. I’ve hunted big game from one end of North America to the other. I’ve been successful with countless outfitters; big animals in faraway places. But never to Africa. Now that I have been I can truthfully say that nothing compares to the experiences or the treatment that my wife and I received from Diekie Muller’s Hunting Safaris. The animals were far bepaul-h-gemsbuck“tter than we dreamed. The accommodations were first class. And the food and hospitality were “down home”. We are already planning our next trip to South Africa with Diekie and his fine operation. Even now each night I shut my eyes I see visions of massive Kudus, herds of Impala, stately wildebeest and zebras grazing on the savanna. I can almost hear Diekie whispering in my ear, calling the shot! Wow, what a place, what a hunt and what a hunting outfit! I keep asking myself ‘What took me so long to go to the place of a hunter’s dream?’ I WILL be back.”

Gary Giudice 2013
Smith and Wesson, Oklahoma

The hunt was outstanding, pure and simple. As most hunters are subject to hunting area conditions anssure on the game, it is always a question of luck and skill. Diekie provided the ideal conditions for success as a skilled PH. After the Kudu, Eland, and Gemsbok I thought it could not get any better. Then facing down the Cape Buffalo became the jewel in the crown.
The hunt of a lifetime.

Stan Suchecki 2013
New Hampshire

paul-h-gemsbuckMy recent hunt, my second with you, again exceeded my expectations. I’m proud of each animal we harvested – from the chase to the shot to the full use of the animal. Your belief in client oriented ethical hunting is a model for other professional hunters. Your family and staff truely made this hunt successful. I’m already planning my next hunt!

Paul Halvorsen 2013
New Hampshire

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful hunt that I had. You, your staff and parents were just great attending to my every need. You also did a great job of tailoring the hunt to meet my specific needs. You put me on animals early and I had my choice of which ones to take and when. Going on a hunting trip to Africa has been a life-long dream, so my expectations were pretty high. You and your organization exceeded them! I know there are other organizations I could hunt with, but I can’t imagine any of them being better than yours. You are the best! Thank you again, and I’m already looking forward to my next hunt with you.

Dan Pearson 2012
Alta Loma, CA

My two sons and my best friend from Puerto Rico Joined me on the safari this year. Each person took about 4 animals. My ten year old and thirteen year old took massive trophies. My friend Claudio took his first animals, one being a Hippo. He had never even shot a rifle before. The accommodations and food were great! We ate different wild meats which were all tasty!  I recommend John to film your hunt – I cant wait to see the finished video. Diekie is a very good hunter and fair to his clients. I highly recommend hunting with him.

Miguel Gallegos 2011
New Mexico


Thank you for making our hunt the best experience of a lifetime. Diekie is the best PH at his trade. This hunt was beyond my expectations. Your family is so amazing. Everything Doug said about your hunt was true 10 fold!  The accommodations were above expectations. Your patience in the field and persistence rewarded a great Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Kudu Bull. As I look at them on my wall the memories will always be there.

Steve Parham 2011
Orange County CA

What a great time! I met Diekie at the Safari Club International convention in Reno. He had donated an auction hunt for plains game. After a brief visit with him I decided to bid on the hunt. I am very pleased to say that everything went better than I expected. The camp was outstanding, the food and drinks were excellent and Diekie’s family was very hospitable. I would not hesitate to recommend DM Safaris to anyone.

Mike Moore 2011


My brother Gerry and I had a great hunt and hunting experience with you, your family and the trackers. Gerry was particularly thankful for the assistance with his mobility on bad knees and making it possible for him to hunt Gemsbok, Impala, and Warthog. We both hope to return for other hunts.


Errol Montgomery 2011
Tucson Arizona

South Africa will no longer be a place on the globe for Julie and I! Instead it will be a memory of cherished days and nights spent with DM Safaris. You, your mom and dad, other staff and especially Eli will be the fondest of memories for us forever. You provide a truly Class Act Hunting experience. I can think of nothing that could have been better from the accommodations, food, hospitality quality of trophies and lasting friendships. Thank you for sharing our 33rd Wedding Anniversary with us in RSA!

Steve & Julie White
Kalispell MT 2011


All of your family, employees and friends made my hunt the best vacation I’ve ever had.The animals we harvested exceeded my expectations – quality trophy animals that met my requirements of fair chase and full use of the animal. I can’t wait until my next hunt in South Africa! This wonderful Waterbuck was one of five animals I took on my 1st (but not last) safari. You and all those at camp were a joy to be with.

Paul Halvorsen  2011
Concord New Hampshire


Thank you for making my hunt the experience of a lifetime. The  hospitality shown me by you, your family and staff was simply  incredible. I felt like a member of the family instead of a client. Eli  was a superb PH for me and was at all times a pleasure to be around.  Limpopo is now in my heart and on my mind. I’ve only been home a  week, and I’m already planning a return trip for Cape Buffalo.

Unfortunately, after eating Eland, I’ll never brag about Elk meat again. The Eland tenderloin, fresh off the braai, with a nice South African wine is something that simply must be experienced. Thanks again for a magical hunt that will be forever remembered.

Duane Sheppard  2011
New Hampshire


Thank you for creating the adventure of a lifetime! You and for family treated us like family from the time we arrived until our departure. You personally looked after our every need. The facilities were first class, the food unbelievable and the company even better. Your patience in the field and your persistence rewarded me a a great Eland Bull, a Red Hartebeest I am most proud of, a nice Impala and a bonus Blue Wildebeest that was a surprise shot opportunity at the end of a very successful day. I will be back in 2012 for a gemsbuck and a kudu!

Gerry and Peg Detty
Tucson, AZ 2010


I want to thank you, your family, PH Curt and both the trackers for truly unbelievable African adventure. The trip was everything I had hoped for and much more. The experiences of those days in the African Bush will be with me forever. The Limpopo region has a wealth of great trophy animals and had I wished I could have harvested many more while there. I know my hunting companion, Wayne filled his “wish” list even before our trip was complete with six trophy animals in six days.

Thanks again for a wonderful hunting experience and your outstanding hospitality it shall never be forgotten.

Charles Coniglio 2010
Santa Ana, CA


Many thanks to you and your family for the hospitality and the phenomenal hunt. The property was a beautiful setting for Erin and I to finish our honeymoon Africa.
I still can’t believe the quality and number of the animals we were able to take. I have already warned SCI that they are going to have to make a few new additions to their record book! The experience that we shared and the stories that we brought home will hold a special place in our hearts and minds. We can’t wait for the return trip.

All our best.
Erin and Sean Reddy 2010


Thank you for the absolutely fabulous hunting experience. Your family and staff were very curtious and helpful, and the food was fantastic. With Curt’s help I was able to take four magnificent animals (Kudu, Blue Wildebeast, Gemsbuck and Zebra). My first big game ever (Bull Kudu) on the first day. My dad and I had a great time and we both look forward to making the trip again.

Chris Lee 2010


I want to thank you once again for the fantasic hunt you provided for our group. To hunt Africa has always been a dream of mine. Hunting Africa with a bow in the Limpopo area made that dream come true. The trophy quality animals I was able to see and harvest were truely amazing. The memory of taking a huge “Blue Bull” Eland on my very first day is one I will always cherish.

Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and a true hunt of a lifetime.

Doug Schrader 2009
Edmonton Alberta, Canada


I would like to thank you and your family very much. All of you took great care of my son and I extremely well. The food was incredible you mom, dad and wife are excellent cooks. My son Matthew could not get enough of their food. He is still talking about the food we ate in the Kalahari. The Hunting was incredible as well. You made my dream of harvesting a Kudu Bull come true; also all the other animals were an amazing bonus!! Matthew is still gloating about his 42′ gemsbok, His impala and his springbok. I would like to thank you for your patience with a 12 year old. I would highly recommend you and your hunting operation to anyone. If anyone out there is worried about hunting in Africa, I’ll tell them it is very safe. I look forward the hunting with you again. I can’t say thank you enough.

Glenn Flores 2008
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Just a note reflecting on my hunting experience with you and your crew in April. “ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC”

My brother Arnold and myself had expected the hunt to be too easy. Well let me tell you, we were wrong!

I can still feel the adrenalin pumping through my veins when you spotted fresh tracks, or a glimpse of something in the bush, and then stalk the creature, ever so quietly to get a shot. How my pounding heart came up through my throat, if you made the “IT’S HUGE” gesture. I am extremely proud to show my friends the photos of my trophies, and to tell the story of each hunt. I can’t wait till my trophies arrive home to Canada.

I must say, your knowledge of the animals we hunted, your tracking and listening capabilities, and especially your love of hunting, made this experience one we will never forget. Your hospitality is exceptional, everyone we met, from the day you picked us up at the airport, to the day you took us back, made us feel welcome and happy the whole time. Thank you for such a great hunting experience, I will be coming back!

Ken Adamson 2008
Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

Can’t thank you enough for the great hunt we had with Diekie in South Africa. Everything from start to finish was way above any expectations we had. From the food and lodging to the staff and best of all the quality of trophy animals on the property. We can’t say enough about this hunting experience. We will defiantly hunt with Diekie and DM Safaris again.

Thanks Again.

Paul & Dan Wolf 2007

Africa, for me was a different experience, the memories I made with Diekie will last a lifetime. This was by far better than any hunting trip I’ve ever been on, in many ways but the best was the hospitality to go across the world and be treated as you were a long time friend, to go on a real hunt and experience the part of Africa you read in books or only see on TV. At the end of the day I can sit back and say, that was real. This is what was shown to me and to the any common man that wants to have the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you, Diekie

Matt Hodgson 2007

Going on a South African bowhunting safari was a life long dream, and Diekie Muller Hunting Safari made the trip a wonderful experience for us! We have so many memories to treasure and relive every time we watch our videos. We can’t imagine anything that could have been done better. From the time Diekie picked us up at the Johannesburg airport until we were returned for our flight back home, we were pampered and made to feel at home. Diekie’s family and staff were wonderful and our accommodations were top notch. Being able to retire to a well appointed private bedroom and bath was especially appreciated. After a day of exciting hunting adventures, we had a great time relaxing in their beautiful outdoor patio area. Each evening we waited in anticipation to savor yet another South African dish. We had the opportunity to try different kinds of wild game cooked over the braii which was an amazing treat! Most of all, the hunting surpassed all of our expectations! Our PHs’, Diekie and Albertus, satisfied all our requests and more. Diekie and his team demonstrated their professionalism in locating, tracking, and handling the sixteen excellent animals we took.

Definitely a hunt to remember!! We’re already trying to figure out how and when we can return!!!

Mark, Barbie, Wayne, and Barbara Darnell
New Mexico August 2007

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